FOR GOOD HEALTH and RELAXATION (If you have tried the Gym and all the rest) then why not make your NEXT STEP TAI CHI? ........ Tel : 01787 272535 mail:

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trading as :  'NEXT STEP TAI CHI'     and 

                                                                    TAI CHI FOR HEALTH

Nick & Liz are 'Energy Arts®  Certified',  independent, Tai Chi and Chi Gung(Qi Gong) Teachers operating in the Colchester, Braintree, Halstead, Witham, Sible Hedingham, Earls Colne and Sudbury areas of Essex. They teach for Health & Relaxation and will travel throughout Essex, Suffolk, Cambridge, Hertfordshire and Norfolk if the conditions are acceptable. They have been teaching Tai Chi and Chi Gung  since 1993 and enjoy teaching people who want to use Tai Chi or Chi Gung to enhance their lives.   They teach :

  • Wu Short Form, 27 move Tai Chi set
  • Marriage of Heaven & Earth® Spinal Chi Gung
  • Dragon & Tiger Medical Chi Gung
  • Tai Chi Circling Hands
  • The Chi Revolution®
  • General Chi Gung exercises for specific ailments

They offer weekly classes, short courses, weekend workshops, day workshops, customised courses to suit the needs of the individual or workplace, personal and small group tuition. They have access to a small studio in the Halstead area suitable for 6 Chi Gung or 4 Tai Chi students. They have extensive experience teaching all ages but particularly the elderly, students in residential homes and people with disabilities. Their classes are open to anyone regardless of age*, ability, religious beliefs or origin and much of what they teach can be integrated into other Tai Chi forms, Chi Gung or western exercise forms. They are not affiliated to any club or religious organization in the immediate locality or further afield. They are not qualified to and do not offer religious teachings of any description in their classes.

Although they do not hold certifications for Opening the Energy Gates® or Longevity Breathing®, if you can not reasonably access a certified instructor, because elements from the different systems overlap they may consider teaching you elements from those routines.


* Under 16s must have permission and be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.


If you have tried the gym, and all the rest then why not make your

‘Next Step Tai Chi’

call  Nick or Liz  01787 272535